April 13, 2021


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Foods That Help You Lose Weight – By Ido Fishman

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Whether we search online or in the markets for books that guide us to have a healthy diet and lose weight, we keep finding that every single source is asking us to eat and stop eating something different. If we start following all the books and sources in one-go, we would soon realize that we cannot eat anything or we must eat everything in order to lose weight.

This is exactly the kind of concern that Ido Fishman Chef had as he found it to be very misleading for the sources to provide different products and raw foods that people had to use to keep themselves losing weight.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

As per Ido Fishman, it is extremely important that a person enjoys all the foods and delicacies at least once in their lifetime. He is also a nutritionist who does not support the idea of shedding food items from one’s list in order to lose weight. Therefore, he has put together a list of items that people can consume on a regular basis and can continue losing weight while they eat other foods as well:


Ido Fishman is completely okay with the idea of eating less but he does not support the idea of not eating at all. This is the reason he has added the best appetizer on top of the list, to begin with. If you wish to lose weight, then the best thing is to eat less, and if you do not want to force yourself to stop eating. Then having a cup of soup before you start with your meal is the best way to do it.

Make sure that the soup is broth-based and as long as it is in that form, you can have it in a pure form or have it chunky.


Beans are one of the most inexpensive, versatile, and filling food that you can enjoy on a regular basis. These are known to be one of the greatest protein sources and also carry huge quantities of fiber. Beans are known to be slow-digesting food items, which means that once you eat them, you will not feel hungry for a while.

That would also help you maintain a well-calculated eating habit and ensure that you do not over-eat.

Dark Chocolate

Nowadays, the only chocolates we tend to find at the supermarkets or stores are the ones with a lot of sugar. Unfortunately, that is not the pure chocolate we are consuming, because real chocolate is dark and a bit bitter in taste. Although it may taste bitter in the beginning, once you get used to it, it is like getting used to black-coffee.

Dark chocolates also help to keep your stomach full for a while and it has been proven through a study. There was recent research done on milk and dark chocolates where half of the people were given milk chocolate and half were given dark chocolate. Hours later after consuming the chocolates, both groups were provided with pizzas and the group that ate dark chocolate ate 15% less pizza than the other group. So you better make a run for the store and get yourself some dark looking chocolates.

Sausages & Eggs

As per Ido Fishman, a food product that is undeniably used all over the world is an egg. For centuries, people from all over the world tend to have eggs in their breakfast and they are also used for baking and other stuff. When you have sausages added to the breakfast, they would only enhance the number of proteins that you are taking in before you start the day.

Eggs and sausages are some of the best sources for high-proteins. Therefore, having both of them in the breakfast is way healthier and more filling than cereals. This was also proven through research as the women who had cereals for breakfast felt the need to have snacks throughout the day as compared to the women who had no such urges and made it through to the evening.